Ian Thompson is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer and Senior Director of Choctaw Nation’s Historic Preservation Department, Wheelock Academy, Tuskahoma Capitol Museum. He is also a Registered Professional Archaeologist and a Tribal Council-certified Choctaw Community Language and Culture Instructor. Ian received his PhD in Anthropology from the University of New Mexico. Today, he works with a staff to protect Choctaw historic sites in a nine-state area, to restore abandoned Choctaw cemeteries, to repatriate Choctaw sacred objects and human remains, to research Choctaw history, and to help the community revitalize Choctaw culture. He has led recent efforts to revitalize Choctaw traditional pottery. In limited spare time, Ian and wife Amy Thompson manage Nan Awaya Farm, dedicated to preserving an Indigenous relationship with the land.

Contact: ithompson[at]choctawnation.com

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