Exhibition « Wampum / Otgoä »

The Wampum / Otgoä exhibit is the culmination of three hundred years of relationship building and…

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Behind the Scenes of the Choctaw Video for the Exhibit “An Inquisitive Prince”

Although the “An Inquisitive Prince” exhibit at Versailles closed in December 2021, our teams…

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Exhibition « Wampum. Beads of Diplomacy in New France »

Shell beads from North America known as wampum are more than just a raw material transformed into…

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Gradhiva n°33 - Wampum : les perles de la diplomatie

This issue of Gradhiva traces the tracks of the surviving examples of wampum in France, which are…

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The Workshop "Tanning Hides"

Identifying the tanning process used on a hide held in a museum is no easy task, unless you are -…

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Private Viewing of the Exhibition "An Inquisitive Prince"

In the history of what are generally termed the French 'Royal' collections, there is one that has…

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Wampum / Otgöa

Seneca Art and Culture Center, Ganondagan
March 25 - September 17, 2023

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