Private Viewing of the Exhibition "An Inquisitive Prince"

In the history of what are generally termed the French 'Royal' collections, there is one that has…

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Denis-Jacques Fayolle (2)

When the Count of Artois was constituting his Cabinet, his sons were living in the north wing of the…

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Denis-Jacques Fayolle (1)

The name of Denis-Jacques Fayolle is inseparable from the cabinet of curiosities which…

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Special Issue « Paris/Versailles »

The Gradhiva magazine devotes a special issue to the history and collection of the "Cabinet of…

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Making the Object Speak

The purpose of the physicochemical analyses of the objects from the French Royal collections from…

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A First Encounter with the Collection of Painted Hides

The set of North American painted hides held in French collections is the largest and oldest of its…

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An Inquisitive Prince
The Destiny of the Count of Artois' Cabinet of Curiosities

September 18 - December 11, 2021

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